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"Learning should be fun and effective. Therefore, use all forms of digital learning."

Founding Partner Thomas Winkler

We develop software for people who want to make their digital work more pleasant and efficient. From learning platforms and digital work processes to personal quiz apps. Wunderbyte does not reinvent the wheel but relies on the adaptation of existing and proven solutions.


Function and design are optimized for the respective needs. OpenSource solutions, which enable tailor-made solutions thanks to their open structure and well-documented interfaces, form the foundation of our work.  Whether the integration of a learning management system into existing workflows, certification processes or the automation of administrative procedures.


Virtual Classrooms

In setting up webinars, we have had many years of good experience with the BigBlueButton Software. You can set up a virtual classroom in just a few steps, both on your own server and in the cloud. If you want to know more about the Software, please watch the Tutorial Videos. 


Video 1 - students tutorial


Video 2 - teachers tutorial


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 



Datalynx ist ein Modul für die Sammlung und Auswertung von Daten. Beispielhafte Einsatzzwecke sind die Erstellung von Seminarkatalogen, das Abbilden von Zertifizierungsprozessen. Das Werkzeug eignet sich aber aufgrund seiner Anpassbarkeit für viele andere Aufgaben.