BigBlueButton: Open source tool for web conferencing

The open source system BigBlueButton is also Wunderbytes` first choice in terms of web conferencing systems. Not least because we prefer to use open source systems at Wunderbyte.

However, this is not the only advantage of the software. BigBlueButton also supports collaborative learning and work with the help of common tools such as screen sharing, the presentation option of slides, the use of simple survey tools, as well as through the use of a digital whiteboard. Additionally, it has a standard feature for private chats between participants.

This web conferencing system is ideally suited for virtual learning scenarios, as it can be easily integrated into common learning platforms. Wunderbyte takes care of the integration of BigBlueButton into Moodle or as a so-called “stand alone version”.

Since the video and web system can be operated on the company’s own servers, it is also a secure option in terms of data protection.

Please contact us for a non-binding overview of services and costs.