Custom Certificate – fully automated course certificate

The Custom Certificate module is a free Moodle plugin that can automatically create course certificates in a Moodle course. In addition, the design of the certificate can be fully customized to reflect an organization’s corporate identity.

Another advantage of the custom certificate is that it can be customized with personal user information. In addition to general information such as the participant’s name and course name, specific profile fields can also be added. In this way, the certificate plugin can also obtain information about the date of birth, place of birth, institution or title, etc. from the system. Also handy: with the Custom Certificate it is also possible to create templates. With this feature, a predefined template for a specific group of users can be quickly and easily loaded into one or more online courses.

Below are examples of certificates created with Moodle:

Custom certificates can be inserted as often as desired using the elements of image, text, course fields and user fields, and can be freely arranged within the certificate page.

Another advantage are the possible protection settings. For each inserted certificate it is possible to define who is allowed to edit the certificate (user with the role teacher or student) and it is also possible to specify whether the certificate may be printed or not.

The full documentation of the plugin Custom Certificate can be found at

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