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We develop software for people who want to make their digital work more pleasant and efficient. From learning platforms to digital work processes to personal quiz apps. Wunderbyte does not reinvent the wheel but focuses on adapting existing and proven solutions.

Webinar Software open-source

We optimize function and design for your individual needs. The foundation of our work is formed by OpenSource solutions, which, thanks to their open structure and well-documented interfaces, enable customized solutions. We are professionals for the following and much more: Integration of a learning management system into existing processes, certification processes or the automation of administrative processes.



You already have a functioning user management system and want it to work seamlessly and automatically with your learning platform? Or do you want a new digital administration system in addition to the learning platform? We at Wunderbyte have a lot of experience with connecting learning platforms to other systems, be it SAP, Microsoft or self-developed.

Thomas Winkler-circle-2

„Learning should be fun and effective. Therefore, use all types of digital learning.“

Thomas Winkler, Founding Partner

Thomas Winkler-circle-2

„Learning should be fun and effective. Therefore, use all types of digital learning.“

Thomas Winkler, Founding Partner

BigBlueButton - your virtual classroom

In setting up webinars, we have many years of good experience with BigBlueButton. You can set up a Virtual Classroom in just a few steps, both on your own server and in the cloud.

If you want to learn more about the software, please watch the two linked YouTube videos below.

E-Learning Quiz App Mooduell

Mooduell is a quiz app that can load questions directly from Moodle. Our goal from the very beginning was to keep the effort for our customers as low as possible. Therefore we only use the resources of the existing Moodle installation (our app doesn't need an additional server, all data stays with the customers). So there are neither security issues nor additional maintenance efforts.

E-Learning Quiz App Mooduell

The further development of the multiplayer app Mooduell is funded by AWS.

Moodle Plugin Datalynx

The Moodle plugin Datalynx is a module for data collection and analysis. Exemplary purposes are

  • the creation of seminar catalogs
  • the mapping of certification processes
  • the administration of online courses
  • the registration of course participants

However, the tool is suitable for many other tasks due to its adaptability.


The following link will take you to a detailed description of the plugin and to the plugin download on the Moodle website:


Our Best-Practice in Software

Custom Certificate – fully automated course certificate

The Custom Certificate module is a free Moodle plugin that can automatically create course certificates in a Moodle course. In addition, the design of the certificate can be fully customized to reflect an organization’s corporate identity. Another advantage of the custom certificate is that it can be customized with personal user information. In addition to…

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Campus – responsive moodle theme

Today we would like to introduce the Moodle Theme “Campus”. David Bogner, CEO of Wunderbyte GmbH, has coordinated and co-developed this theme as lead maintainer together with Gareth J. Barnard (developer). Making the design of a learning platform as individual as possible and adapting it to the Corporate Identity of the company/educational institution is often…

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Top 3 responsive Moodle Themes

Moodle Themes – what do you need them for? A theme allows you to change the look and feel of a Moodle platform. Depending on the theme, other areas can be customized. There is a wide range of Moodle themes on the market – some paid, but many available for free. Today we present our…

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Datalynx – one module, many applications

The plugin “Datalynx” is a data management tool developed by David Bogner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wunderbyte. The Moodle plugin is a complex module for collecting and analyzing data. In Moodle it can be used e.g. for the creation of seminar catalogs or for the mapping of certification processes. However, due to its adaptability,…

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University of Vienna uses our multiplayer app MooDuell

Funded by AWS. The multiplayer app “MooDuell”, developed by Wunderbyte in cooperation with the University of Vienna, offers the possibility of gamification of learning content. Gamification means that game-typical elements are used in learning, which should make learning more fun and thus also simplify it. The app is currently being tested at the University of…

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BigBlueButton: Open source tool for web conferencing

The open source system BigBlueButton is also Wunderbytes` first choice in terms of web conferencing systems. Not least because we prefer to use open source systems at Wunderbyte. However, this is not the only advantage of the software. BigBlueButton also supports collaborative learning and work with the help of common tools such as screen sharing,…

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We realize your ideas and program extension-apps tailor-made for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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